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Arm with Drapery
Period: Second century AD
Culture: Roman
Material: Bronze
Dimensions: 15.5 cm H
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A beautifully expressive representation of a deity, probably Venus, with a rich green patina, originally part of a large statuette. This surmounts a left arm, the drapery from the goddess sweeps to the right over the shoulder then curves gently forward, exposing the bicep, before elegantly crossing over the forearm, hanging freely. The hand of the sculpture is open and turned with the palm facing upwards. Her hair is parted in the centre, plaited horizontally across her head, falling over the back of the shoulders. The goddess wears a stephane (crown) with five turrets; below the chiton (tunic) is modelled over the breasts in a free flowing style that is consistent with the second century AD.



Private Collection of a Physician, Bavaria, 1960s to 1984.
Private Collection, Germany, 1984-2013.