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Fragment of Neck Amphora with Herakles Banquet, Attributed to the Leagros Group
Period: 510-500 BC
Culture: Greek, Attic
Material: Terracotta
Dimensions: 30 cm H
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The Athenian hero, Herakles, reclines on an elaborate couch – kline – after his deification and acceptance into the host of Olympian gods. His weapons have been set aside, bow and quiver suspended in mid-field, his club leaning against the kline. He supports himself with a cushion under his left arm, in his right hand is a large knife – makhaira – used here for dining. The table in front is laid with food; below, a female panther eats a piece of meat. Her presence, together with the vine, alludes to the cult of Dionysus. Herakles is accompanied by his patron, Athena, who stands at his feet with a spear in her right hand. She faces left engaging with the lost scene on the reverse.



Collection of Rolf Blatter, Switzerland, 1970s.

Published: R. Blatter, "Herakles beim Gelage", AA 1976, 49-52, fig. 1.
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S.R. Wolf, Herakles beim Gelage (Cologne, 1993) 200, cat. no. sf.18, fig. 18.